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"The Godfather"
Genre: Crime , Drama
Release: 1972 March
Length: 2H., 55 min.
Views: 0 (135 votes)
Rate: 94%
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current rating: 9.4/10 (135 votes)

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Watch The Godfather Description :
The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son..
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True Crime

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The Godfather Comments :

1 posts
The Godfather
It wasn't until my second year of film school that a new room mate brought in a tv and vhs. because of the studies i didn't have much time to watch television but having a vhs machine at the time was like a gift from god one weekend when i aced a crucial test. unfortunately for me the only movie my room mate had was the godfather. i must admit at the time 3 hr movies just weren't my bag. but that weekend i thought i'd give this movie a one time shot....

I watched this movie 15 times that weekend. to say it is a great movie is an understatement... is the best movie i have ever seen. it encompasses timeless issues like family. respect. honor. revenge. chronicling a crime families struggle to retain it's power when the introduction of drugs changes an honorable business into a seething cesspool of backstabbing scoundrels plotting to wipe them out from directions they can not see nor react to quick enough to defend against.

The introduction of drugs to organized business becomes a gold rush too insatiable for 90% of the other crime families to ignore. The problem is the Corleone's sees drugs as bad business that will ultimately lead to their downfall and end their relationship with powerful city officials.

Their refusal to indulge in the drug trade and share their powerful connections bring upon the rise of a shifty and elusive set of assassins that are nearly impossible to identify as an aging don who relies upon his keen sense of awareness is undermined by his supposed heir apparent who is so quick to react off the cuff that he undermines the dons authority and exposes his methods to an enemy that is seemingly everywhere yet nowhere at the same time. rendering his ability to react with deductive precise calculations impotent. resulting in catastrophe.

Leaving the other son, a soldier, and war hero who was not meant for this life to act as maintenance to preserve his fathers legacy even though it was not the life his father intended. becoming student. maturing to mastermind and being taught by his father the art of the negotiation which accompanied with war tactics learned in the armed forces he puts his own plan in play to reverse a plot to destroy his entire family.

Culminating in the ultimate counter strike at the movies conclusion that reveals all the villainous parties in a brutal revenge campaign that is simultaneously orchestrated and systematically efficient when a son is successfully transformed from a soldier to a fearsome force to be reckoned with.

a masterpiece
5 out of 5

quick reply! | 1 replies

1 posts
Still one of the best movies ever made. Definitely worth watching!

quick reply! | 1 replies

1 posts
The world inside the underworld!
The godfather trilogy is an exclusive set of movies that will continue to live with humanity, every generation will see them to say, "Oh that was 10 out of 10." If you watch them you will know that the world that lives inside the underworld is same as the one we live in except that people in underworld are so smart, in fact smartness is the only thing that can keep them there. Don Vito Caroleone's early life shown in part-II is very well done to show the Don in making, how a kid who couldn't even tell his name went on becoming a underworld don who keep most senators, judges and lawyers in his pocket. Meeting of don with the so call five families are among most impressive scenes.

A saga that goes on for 9 continuous hours takes you around various walks in life of Mike (Don's younger son who become Don later), his school days, love life, personal life, family life, business life, political life and religious life. How all of these different roles Mike plays in his life and how intertwined these are.

I enjoyed watching these movies so much, I wish I had seen them much before then I did. Its amazing to see how the Part-III was made 18 years later the part-I was made and everything looks so continuous if watch them together.

I need not say much! The Godfather father trilogy been around for a while and everyone knows that they are great set of movies, its just the matter of when you actually get to see them.

quick reply! | 1 replies

1 posts
Those Godfather movies are amazing.Don Vito's sound is amazing :D

quick reply! | 1 replies

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